The SCRUM process

SCRUM is an agile process that is widely deployed in software engineering.

Work is done in short loops that last a maximum of four weeks. At the end of each loop, the development's results are presented to the stakeholders. This method requires the presence of a "Product Owner" in the development team; he represents the final customer. To play his role, the Product Owner needs to understand what the development team produces. In software engineering, an operational piece of code is run to show the team's progress. In traditional system engineering practices, the use of archaic textual requirements renders SCRUM ineffective. Thanks to CIL4Sys toolchain, the team can now present simulations to its Product Owner, allowing an efficient SCRUM process.

SCRUM also offers tools to prioritize development items and optimize for business value over effort. In successful projects 80% of business value is created by the half-way mark of the project's lifetime.

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