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With its partners of AI4Cities, a group of NextMove, CIL4Sys develops a solution that optimizes the number of cars arriving at a greenlight at each crossing, in order to lower the emissions of cars while improving the users comfort and security.

The digital twins

Whereas the geometry definitions have been integrated in a digital mockup since the early 2000s, the integration of the physical and logical behavior models is still to be done in order to change the state of the digital mockup from passive to alive.

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The agile method SCRUM

SCRUM is an agile process that is widely deployed in software engineering. Work is done in short loops that last a maximum of four weeks. At the end of each loop, the development's results are presented to stakeholders.

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Systems engineering white paper

During the 1st semester 2016, CIL4Sys has interviewed 10 major companies in Europe, mainly automotive OEMs and 1rst tier suppliers, to understand the methods and tools that they use to design the behavior of their embedded systems. You can read the conclusions here and ask the full document using our contact page.

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Carbon free urban logistics

With two partners, CIL4Sys has created SquareMiles, a startup company that offers a solution for carbon free urban logistics, allowing to define multimodal roundtrips that combine clean vehicles and active mobilities like cargo-bikes.

Valet parking

The valet parking project defines a car that has level 3 autonomous features and a connectivity capibility that allows it to receive instructions from an intelligent parking to go and park alone. The parking facility is abe to choose an available parking place and send the guidance to the car. The customer can let its car at the entrance and it will drive and park alone.

ERTMS project

The ERTMS project defines the behavior of onboard and offboard trains and railway systems according to the european requirements. This is a basis that allows various innovations for railway industry.

Road-rail Transport system

This project demonstrates the feasibility of a road-rail transport system with fast loading and unloading of trucks on the train. This project is hosted at https://hub4sys.com

Inspection drone

This project started with the use of the AIDA model built with Capella by IRT Saint Exupéry. We first reproduces the model and then enriched it with our design platfomr Sim4Sys. We also show in the video the connexion of Sys4Sys with the 3D environment Unity.

Integration of an HMI developped with Qt

A climate control HMI defined with Qt Creator to work on a touch screen by the Open Source project GENIVI, controls the vehicle functions defined and simulated with Sim4Sys.

Building energy management

CIL4Sys has designed and simulated with the group Genaris an innovative proposition to manage the electrical energy in a building, equiped with solar panels, some electricity storage capacity and some plugs for electrical or hybrid vehicles.

News - Tue, Jul 20, 2021
CIL4Sys is happy to present you Hub4Sys®

CIL4Sys has launched Hub4Sys®, the platform to host your Open Innovation projects. Create your account today at https://hub4sys.com

News - Thu, Sep 30, 2021
CIL4Sys invites you to participate in the RobAFIS competition

CIL4Sys invites you to participate in the RobAFIS competition. The registrations are open until September 30th here

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